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A partner of Orion, Biomart is a biotechnology company and for over 30 years has been developing various products and natural solutions using probiotic microorganisms and always respecting the life cycle

Probimais® A

Distribution to the states of SP and PR / Feed factories in GO.


Probimais A is a blend of live bacteria that efficiently modulate the intestinal microbiota of birds, having in a single probiotic solution colonizing and transient bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract, this combination allows the solution to meet all the modes of action and benefits expected in a single probiotic solution. commercial probiotic, such as: Competitive exclusion of pathogenic bacteria, direct antagonism through the production of antimicrobials, stimulation of the bird's immune system and the nutritional effects that are the improvement of digestibility by favoring digestible enzymes. 


Probimais® S

Distribution for the state of SP  / Feed factories in GO.

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Probimais S is a blend of live bacteria exclusively for swine, and because it is specific, it was designed to meet the demand of each production phase in swine farming. In a single solution, Probimais S is composed of colonizing and transient bacteria to, in an associated way, achieve the maximum action and benefits expected in a commercial probiotic. Biomart, concerned with the nursery phase in swine farming, chose to add Lactobacillus lactis and Lactobacillus casei to Probimais S with the aim of maximizing the use of lactose digestion, a carbohydrate present  in the dairy ingredients that are commonly used at this stage of creation.


Probimais® Pet

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Distribution to the state of SP / Feed factories in GO.

Probimais Pet is a blend of probiotic bacteria formulated to meet the needs of dogs and cats. Developed with the concept of colonizing and transitory bacteria, the solution acts in the modulation of the microbiota, generating several benefits for dogs and cats: harmonization of the digestive system, improvement in the quality of feces and, mainly, greater longevity.

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Probimais® R

Distribution for the state of SP  / Feed factories in GO.

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Probimais R was developed with the best combination of bacteria for a favorable modulation of the rumen and intestinal environment of ruminants, the use of Probimais R provides several benefits: better fiber digestibility, increased DM intake and increased productivity (weight gain and milk production).

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Distribution for the state of SP  / Feed factories in GO.

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MultiSacch is a super premium blend developed with the most advanced concept of probiotics for ruminants, the solution is composed of a unique combination of probiotic bacteria and yeasts to provide the best rumen and intestinal environment for ruminants,  bringing benefits in the digestibility of animals,  reduction in stress, productivity (weight gain and milk production) and in the quality of the final product (meat and milk).

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