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Eastman is a global specialty chemicals company, a partner of Orion, that produces a wide range of advanced materials, additives and functional products. Eastman is focused on delivering innovative and technological solutions while maintaining its commitment to safety and sustainability.


Distribution for the states of SP and GO.


Eastman™ ProGIT SF3 is the newest technology from EASTMAN to meet the most discussed synergistic concept in functional nutrition, which is the association between organic acids and functional oils to control pathogenic bacteria. ProGIT SF3 brings together a combination of organic acids in the free form (citric acid) and salts (formic and lactic acid), combined with a blend of oils rich in lauric acid, a perfect combination for the natural control of pathogens. ProGIT SF3 has multiple functions, including: control of pathogenic bacteria, decrease in the buffering capacity of the feed and source of organic calcium in the diet.

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Distribuição para os estados de SP.


O Eastman Protaq Lf1 é uma combinação de ácidos fórmico e propiônico que pode efetivamente inibir o crescimento e a reprodução de Escherichia coli, Salmonella e todos os tipos de fungos e leveduras.


Principais Beneficios:

  • Reduz o pH da água potável e o pH do estômago dos animais;

  • Melhora o efeito antibacteriano em todo o trato intestinal;

  • Melhora a digestibilidade dos alimentos.


Utilização: via água.

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